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On the morning of October 18th, the 12th international culture and art festival of Qingdao University was held in front of the Minxing building in Fushan campus. Wang Liming, deputy secretary of the party committee attended the opening ceremony and delivered the opening speech. Secretary Wang Liming first on behalf of the school to the international culture and art festival held warm congratulations. The international culture and art festival has become an important platform for Qingdao University to promote the communications between Chinses and foreign students, the excellent traditional Chinses culture, promote the integration of diverse cultures and display the achievements of international Chinses education. Through the stage of international culture and art festival, students from different countries can have a more comprehensive understanding of Chinses culture and other cultures.


At the opening ceremony, Chinese students and foreign students performed a dragon and lion dance, which aroused the audience’s enthusiasm at the beginning. Then the Russian students sang the song  “Катюша”, which is so famous that the audience could not helping humming along with it, praised repeatedly; Guzheng solo “Sing Night Fishing Boat” and flute solo “the wind rises” enable foreign students to fully experience the elegant connotation of Chinses classical culture; the pavan dance of Madagascar students highlighted the unique national culture and customs, attracted the attention of people in the venue. Although they come from different countries and regions, they all have the same passion in their hearts. They all actively participate in every project and try to show their best to everyone.


Except the fantastic performance , there also has the variety of national customers , handicraft and specialty food booths. Even some international students have elaborately made snacks of their own countries in advance and brought them to the scene for display . Some have also moved cooking utensils to the scene to show audiences the production process. The teachers and students lived browsing of national styles . Besides , reporters of Qingdao University interviewed some foreign students and asked some questions related to their life in China . Most of the overseas students have said ‘China is terrific,Qingdao University is terrific.’ 


This art festival coincides with the 110th anniversary of the founding of Qingdao university , showcasing the good spirit of Chinese and foreign students and achievements of Qingdao university in its 110th anniversary . In recent years , Qingdao university has deepened its cooperation with foreign students has increased year by year. The festival is organized by the youth league committee and the school of foreign languages about 600 students from the academic affairs office, graduate school, security managed office, logistics management office , school youth league committee , head of the school of foreign languages, faculty and staff of the school of international education and Chinese and foreign students attended the international culture and art festival.